Life Lately — Babies and Puppies

Life Lately — Babies and Puppies

I was going to put together another post about our kitchen renovation for today, but it didn’t quite happen. We had a great weekend, though. Andy’s brother and his fiancee were in town from NYC to meet Joey and celebrate Andy’s birthday, so we ate so much and had a lot of fun with family. I thought you might like to see some pictures of Joey (and Ruby) from lately … kitchens and babies, kitchens and babies, it’s all I think about. Oh, and puppies, too. 🙂

Joey and I got dressed up in our florals for brunch yesterday, in honor of the weekend’s AMAZING weather… 70 degrees in February?? I’ll take it!

She’s starting to smile and it melts my heart every time I see it!! Plus, that squishy belly! (I wish my squishy belly were as cute.)

Andy, Joey and Trixie, pre-Andy cutting off all his hair.

These two. We’ve had a lot of trouble with Ruby since Joey came along. It’s to be expected since Ruby is such a puppy herself (less than a year and a half old), and she needs a lot of attention. One day they will be best friends. And one day Joey will get payback on all the times Ruby has licked her head!

What are you, a cat??? I came downstairs the other day to find Ruby had gotten into a ball of yarn. I don’t even know how she managed to get so wrapped up in it! I tried to yell at her but could not stop laughing.

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