Living room moodboard: black, white & pink

Living room moodboard: black, white & pink

A couple weeks ago we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to flip our dining room and living room. You may remember that our dining room was bright pink and our living room (that we’ve called a “reading room”) was bright red. We moved the daybed into the pink room and the dining table into the red room, and we love it.

In order to make the new living room functional, though, we need to fill in some missing pieces. This is the fun part! We want to stick with a palette of baby pink on the walls, with black and white furniture and gold accent pieces. We want a comfortable, lounge-y feel, with simple, modern lines and extra seating for friends (and mostly cats). And of course we don’t want to spend a ton of money, because, let’s be honest, we probably still won’t use this room very much, so I did most of our shopping at Target, where we can find basics for less (and they ship so fast!).

I’m excited to mix graphic geometric patterns in this room, especially since we already have a black and white polka dot rug (from Ikea). When I saw it at the store a couple weeks ago, I was so excited! A polka dot rug! And how great are these pillows by Geometric Electric on Etsy? I ordered two — one in black and white and one that’s pink, black and white. Perfect. Actually all of this stuff has been ordered already… except the gold elephant which seems to be completely impossible to find. I’ve driven way out of my way to two different Targets this week that said it was in stock only to find that it’s completely not in stock at all. Oh well. (This Dwell Studio elephant is similar, though a little more pricey and larger.  Maybe someday.)

We’ll share pictures of the whole room when it’s put together! Of course!!

{{ And if you happened to have seen Emily Henderson’s 12 styling essentials and noticed a bit of a similarity… well, I swear I already had half this in my shopping cart before I saw hers. But now at least I feel validated with my choices. And maybe her post helped me to convince Andy to let me get that West Elm martini side table that he doesn’t like… or maybe it was just that he was busy when I kept talking to him about it so he probably said ok just to get me to stop. 🙂 Sorry Andy! }}

ottoman from Target | lamp from Target | side table from West Elm | chair from Ikea | elephant from Target | pillows from Geometric Electric on Etsy

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