Master Bedroom Moodboard: Modern, Minimal & Beachy

Master Bedroom Moodboard: Modern, Minimal & Beachy

The first room we started working on way back in August was our master bedroom, but we forgot to ever share our ideas for the room on the blog. We’re not done at all yet, but I just love how it’s coming together. Besides the nursery, it’s my favorite room in the house so far!

Here’s what our bedroom looked like when we bought the house and what changes we wanted to do right away:

This room was painted a tan color with darker tan trim, plus a burgundy wallpaper border and burgundy curtains. It felt really heavy, dark and depressing to us, so the first thing we did after getting the keys was to start taking down the wallpaper border! Luckily it came down pretty easily using a spraybottle of hot water and a plastic scraper. Once we had scraped and pulled off all the wallpaper, we washed away all the residual glue with TSP substitute. It took 2-3 evenings of work, and it was so worth it.

We loooove having an ensuite bathroom…. BUT the door doesn’t close. Weird. It’s a bi-fold door that doesn’t seem to actually fit the doorframe, so we took it down right away before we painted, and, well, there’s been no door ever since (for four months!!). AWKWARD.

Our main goal for this room is for it to feel really calm, fresh and like it goes with the style of the rest of the house, so we’ve decided on a vibe of modern/midcentury, minimal and a little beachy/boho. Here’s our plans:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

So far we’ve painted the two-tone walls, which we’re SO happy with, replaced the curtains with white ones that let in light, bought new dressers (one vintage midcentury and one new), and replaced the oversized ceiling fan with a small white one. Andy is actually installing the new sliding bathroom door as I type, and it’s AWESOME!

We’re really happy with the direction this room has taken so far and can’t wait to see it all come together. We’ll show you some updated progress shots sooooon! What do you think of our ideas so far?

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