“Neutral Natural” Holiday Decorating

“Neutral Natural” Holiday Decorating

The theme for our Christmas decorating this year is “neutral natural” — white, black, natural woods, a little bit of gold. It’s easy to put together, easy to live with, and most importantly this year, pretty much puppy proof.

For the fireplace mantle in our dining room, Andy made some simple wooden triangle trees. I love how modern and easy they are. They are exactly the vibe we are going for this year. We thought about painting the edges either white or gold (or endless possibilities for different themes!), but I love how the natural wood pops against our black fireplace and my great-grandfather’s super dark and imposing portrait. I think these little trees will be part of our holiday decorations for many years to come. I added a few pinecones that I literally picked up on the sidewalk while on a walk with Ruby, and on each side, those black trees are actually Halloween decorations! Is that weird? Is it too goth? I kind of love them with their burlap bases.

I mentioned last week that we were going to get a real tree… but when we woke up Saturday morning to go get it, we kind of looked at each other and said, “this is a bad idea, right?” Well, it was more me accepting that Andy knew it was a bad idea all along and I was stubborn about wanting a tree, Ruby or not. So, instead he MADE me a tree and it is PERFECT. I love that the lights shine through the windows and make our house look a little more festive from the outside. I love sitting at the dining room table with just the tree lights glowing.

I wanted to spread some holiday decor throughout the house, in small ways. In the entryway, I hung burlap bunting from the stair railings, and then in the rumpus room I wrote a holiday message on an old chalkboard to prop up on the credenza. Hopefully this will inspire a much-needed sense of calm around here!!

So that’s what we did this year. It’s simple and easy and exactly what we wanted when our lives are so insanely hectic with a new puppy. I love that just a few simple pieces can really make it feel like Christmas.

And next year we’re getting a real tree.

(Remember the cardboard tree I made last year?)

— Kerry

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