New House Sneak Peek: The Living Room

New House Sneak Peek: The Living Room

I thought it might be fun to show you a few sneak peeks into what’s happening at the new house, starting with our living room!

I don’t have my real camera here, so I snapped these quickly on my phone (and I need a new one … a pink iPhone 6S maybe?!). But things are starting to come together here! We’re slowly — and I mean so so so slowly — moving in furniture, adding some new pieces, and generally starting to finally make this place feel like our someday home. We’re still spending all of our time back and forth between the two houses, making a bunch of trips each day, which is super annoying and we’ve been wishing for more hours in the day. But it’ll get done eventually. We’re also bringing the cats and dog over with us to help them get used to being here. It’s nice to be making progress!

But from another angle…

There’s a lot left to do!

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