New House Tour: The Back Yard

New House Tour: The Back Yard

Sorry about the lack of posting on Monday. As you can probably imagine, it’s hard to keep up with everything these days, between moving, packing, unpacking, cleaning, and also getting ready for my baby shower this weekend (which I’m so excited about, btw! I can’t wait to show you all the fun DIY projects I’ve been working on).

We’ve shown you the inside of our new house (here and here), the front yard here, and now let’s look at the back yard. This is one of our favorite parts of the new house and one of the things that made us want to buy it. We also negotiated the hammock in the sale of the house, YES!!

We’ve mentioned before that the previous owner was an avid gardener and she obviously spent a lot of time working on landscaping, including a HUGE garden. This thing is insane. There’s so many tomatoes. So many peppers. So many raspberry bushes. So many … things we have no idea what they are.

What should we do with all these peppers???

We are NOT gardeners. We try but it’s hard enough just to keep up with mowing! My mother was a certified Master Gardener, but I didn’t inherit any of her green thumb, darnit. There’s WAY more plants here than we could ever take care of, let alone possibly eat, so our plan is to pull them all out this fall and then start over next summer. We actually want to rip out everything including the garden beds so that we can make something that’s a better size and style for us and also give us a little more grass space. Here you can see Ruby literally diving headfirst into the raspberry bushes, which shows you just how thick and crazy this is.

The yard isn’t huge, but it’s a nice layout. My favorite part is that it’s almost a perfect rectangle, so there aren’t many places Ruby can hide, especially once we make a much smaller garden!

In front of the back door (off the playroom/family room), we have a patio area that has a lot of potential and of course we have a TON of ideas. Ultimately we’d probably like to build a deck, because there’s a pretty big step up from the yard to the back door, and I’d love to mid-century-modernize the whole yard with more square edges. But all of these are ideas for sometime way off in the future… so many ideas, so little time (and money)!

So that’s our back yard right now! Just like the inside and the front, I’m really excited — and anxious — to start making this space our own. It’s nice now, but I think we can make it awesome! What do you think?

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