Our 2020 House + Cabin To-do List

Our 2020 House + Cabin To-do List

We start every year with a to-do list for our home — and now our cabin too. This really helps us to brainstorm what areas need work, what projects we want to tackle, and also to prioritize when any of them might get done. It’s not so much a checklist as a guideline, or even a wishlist. Over the last few days Andy and I have been discussing our to-do list for this year and here’s what we came up with…

Last year we focussed almost entirely on our new cabin, but while there’s still a whole lot to do, there’s finally a whole lot that’s already done too, so it feels like we can turn at least some attention back to our own house. We have an ambitious to-do list of things we want to get done at home, starting with all of the closets. We’ve been in our house for four years now and it’s reaching that point where everything is a mess. We need to do some massive cleaning out, reorganizing and just reassessing of what we have.

Other projects in our own home include finally hanging shelves in our kitchen, which was on last year’s to-do list too! But at least now we have the wood and just need to sand, stain and hang it. Also, we have some fun ideas for our downstairs hallway, the kids’ bathroom (also on last year’s to-do list) and repainting some rooms.

At the cabin there’s still some big projects on the horizon, like finishing up the kitchen and hopefully a big renovation of the bathroom. Originally the bathroom was supposed to be renovated in September(!) but delay after delay with our contractors and a few layout changes later we’re very, VERY much hoping it can get done this winter … BECAUSE… then we can start renting!! We plan to rent to family and friends to start, so we can get the hang of things and find out what we need to do differently.

Of course we have some personal goals too. We started 2019 with the goal to “be bold,” and I really want to continue on that path. I wrote “go for it” on this year’s to-do list because I think that sums up how I’m feeling. Sometimes we sit around brainstorming ideas for projects… and that’s all we do. But don’t just talk about it, do the hard thing, do the colorful thing, do the weird thing, do something that might not even work, just get it done. Plus I want to get back into making little things, not just the big renovations, but little things. Andy is getting really into woodworking and I’m excited for some of the projects he wants to make. I don’t care if our DIY projects are Pinterest-worthy but I just want to make things and tell you about them even if they kind of suck or five million people have made the same thing because making things is fun!

And, finally, I want to have more pizza parties! We used to have a monthly make-your-own pizza party and it was SO MUCH FUN. We stopped when Olly was born, and life with two under two … and then a two and three year old… was just too complicated. But let’s bring back the pizza!

So that’s what we’re planning for 2020. This is going to be a great year and I can’t wait to get started on alllllll these projects!!

What’s on your to-do list this year?!

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