Our Colorful Christmas Home Tour

Our Colorful Christmas Home Tour

When I was thinking about a design plan for our Christmas decorations this year, I decided I wanted to do all black, white and blush pink. I was inspired by the Sugar Paper LA holiday collection at Target — the polka dots, the gingham, it’s adorable, right? But then I got out our boxes of Christmas decorations and said wait a minute… I’m not about to buy ALL NEW EVERYTHING!

Plan B: decorate with what we have, keep it simple, and then add a few fun DIY touches. And you know what? I love it so much more. Join us on a little tour! (It’s a very little tour — just the kitchen and living room!)

Our tree (a real one) is full of a complete mismatch of old ornaments, not the carefully curated, color coordinated designer collection that I love on other blogs, but lots of “baby’s first Christmas” and some ornaments that I’ve had literally my entire life. The star on top my parents bought at Marshall Field’s their first Christmas together. Those little white and red ice skates you can sort of see in the middle of the photo above were handmade by my mom using felt, embroidery floss and paperclips. A lot of the ornaments are in clumps at the very bottom of the tree because Joey and Olly did most of the decorating (and redecorating multiple times a day!!). I can tell a story about almost everything on the tree. It may not be perfect, but it means so much more to me.

I didn’t do much to the rest of the living room to let the tree be the star. Plus a lot of decorations just make me itchy. I can’t stand the clutter.

In the kitchen, we had so much fun with color!!

I made this!! For YEARS I’ve had an idea to make a Palm Springs-inspired Christmas village, and I’m in looove with how it turned out. It’s possibly my favorite DIY I’ve ever done with my own hands. I’ll have a post later this week all about the how-to, so stay tuned! The super adorable “Better Not Pout” sign is a new addition that I picked up at local craft store Pat Catan’s… we might just have to keep it up year round as a reminder to our kids!!

A few weeks ago I hung a series of black and white food prints in our kitchen that used to hang in the kitchen of our old house. But when I started putting out all our colorful Christmas decorations, they suddenly started to seem really dark and boring, so I simply covered them up! I whipped up these little Fa La La signs during an episode of Paw Patrol using my Cricut to cut out the letters from red card stock and then backing that with different colored card stock, and just slipped those into the frames in front of the art that was there. Easy peasy! I just love the graphic punch of color in an otherwise all-white room.

This is my favorite holiday decorating we’ve done in years, or maybe ever! I like that it’s simple but colorful, traditional and modern, store-bought and hand-made, and totally us. So do you do a perfectly pretty tree or decorate with old family favorites? Are you team real tree or team faux? (I love a real tree but Andy has been urging me to go faux, so I’m sure I’ll give in eventually, especially after having to clean up the needles!) Do you go all out for decorations or keep it minimal? I want to hear all about it!

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