Our Kitchen & Living Room, One Year After Renovations — All the Pictures!

Our Kitchen & Living Room, One Year After Renovations — All the Pictures!

We promised you lots of kitchen and living room pictures, and lots of pictures you will get!

I hope you had a chance to see the fun, walk-down-memory-lane slideshow we created the other day that took you through the entire progression of our kitchen from teeny tiny, dark and closed off — to big, bright and open. Starting a year ago this week, we tore out the walls around the kitchen, vaulted the ceiling, replaced all the electrical and HVAC, moved the entire kitchen over into what used to be the dining room, and created the open-concept, all-white kitchen of our dreams. All in all, the construction took 12 weeks, which meant 12 weeks without eating at home … all with a baby who was four months old when it started. But we lived to tell the tale and couldn’t be happier with the result.

For the last year we’ve been tweaking things here and there (and I’m sure will keep tweaking forever), so we wanted to share a whole bunch of pictures of what the room looks like now. And since the kitchen and living room are one big open space, we have pictures of both.

Here you can see a sneak peek of a really awesome project we’ve been working on since December — this amazing railing that Andy built. As I tend to do, I came up with a somewhat crazy idea after seeing something on Pinterest, and Andy figured out a way to make it all happen! It still needs to get stained, which we’ll probably do soon now that it’s warm enough to open the windows, but we’re absolutely IN LOVE with how it’s turned out so far. We’ll talk a lot more about it when it’s really done.

In the living room and kitchen, our design goal was also to keep everything light, bright and airy with plenty of white and wood. Pops of color are fun, while a few vintage and antique hand-me-down pieces make the space feel less new and modern. Our overall concept was “the desert meets the beach meets candy minimalism,” basically drawing inspiration from some of our favorite places, like Palm Springs and Hawaii while keeping the whole space on the minimal side, and I think we’ve achieved that vibe. I keep adding more and more plants, though (which I also keep killing! someone send me a green thumb quick!), so it’s also slowly turning into a bit of a jungle!

When we bought this house, we did so knowing we would do a kitchen renovation, but honestly, we really didn’t know what a huge change we would be able to make and what a dream space we would be able to have. We LOVE this room now. It feels so bright and happy and so much like us. I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve over time as our family grows.

In the next few days, we’ll discuss more about some of the decisions we made in the kitchen, what we love, and what we’d change now that we’ve lived with it for almost a year (it wasn’t really finished/useable until JULY of last year, so it technically hasn’t been a year, but demo on the old kitchen started April 15!).

Here are all the sources, if you’re interested. Let us know if you have any specific questions about anything and let us know what you think!!



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