Our NYC Puppymoon

Our NYC Puppymoon

Last week we spent a few days in New York before Thanksgiving. We actually had planned the trip before we knew we were getting Ruby, but the timing worked out perfectly. The trip quickly became known as our “pupppymoon” — the last vacation before puppy, since we won’t be able to go anywhere without her for a while. We only went for about three days and were lucky enough to stay in Andy’s brother’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment. Here’s a few snapshots of our trip from my iPhone.

The weather our first day was perfect, so we stopped for a milkshake and took a walk in Central Park. We’re total ice cream snobs, so believe me, we tried to find some better ice cream within walking distance, no luck! (I was hoping to have time to go to Ample Hills Creamery, which literally made me cry the first time I had it because it’s THAT GOOD.)

I love these guys at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We went to the Met to see the exhibition “Death Becomes Her” in the Costume Institute, which is about the history of mourning clothes (no, not pajamas, like Andy kept telling everyone). We both really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it if you’re in NYC before it closes in Feb. // One day we went with a friend to a Japanese market in Manhattan. I loved all these colorful candies! // We popped our heads into The Standard hotel in Chelsea and I thought this wall in the lobby was fantastic. // Our last night in town we met friends at a beer garden in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Spritzenhaus 33. We had so much fun and the special of the night, hot apple cider with rum and lemon, was so perfect on what was one of the ickiest weather days EVER (walking to the subway in freezing rain is miserable — makes me appreciate my car).

One day we went out to lunch with some of Andy’s NY-based co-workers (mmm, burritos and cupcakes — kind of like burritos and bubbly) and then took a nice walk on the High Line.

I saw this sign and at first thought it said “bubbly’s”! I was so excited! Darn.

Our roommate, Mr. Pants!

We also got to hang out with this Frenchie, Baxter.

We have a whole bunch of friends that live in NYC (partly because Andy went to college there), so we were able to spend every meal with a different group of friends. It was so much fun!! Our first night we had pizza at Sottocasa Pizzeria in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, with the cutest kid ever, Clementine. // The next night we went to Andy’s brother’s girlfriend’s place in Astoria, Queens and they made this a-maz-ing homemade pizza for us. We got the recipe so there will definitely be some pizza dough-making in our near future! // This breakfast burrito from Haab in Brooklyn was seriously the size of my head… and it was so good I had to stop myself from eating it all! // I know it’s controversial, but I’d so much rather have Cleveland Bagel Co. than a New York bagel, so we found the nearest donut shop instead. I’m so glad we did because Dun-Well Doughnuts was super cute and super delicious.

So that’s our little NYC puppymoon. I’m pretty sure the next time we leave town, it’ll be with a puppy in the car with us!

— Kerry

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