Our urban farmhouse kitchen: the plans

Our urban farmhouse kitchen: the plans

Ok, let’s talk details. Or as I like to call it “the sauce.” Andy and I like to say that he is all about “the meat” of a project and I’m about “the sauce,” and neither one would be any good without the other.

So last week I showed you what the layout of our renovated kitchen will be, but you’re probably asking, “ok, but what is it actually going to LOOK like?!” There’s so much more to a kitchen than just layouts, right? There’s cabinet styles, faucets, paint colors, countertops, lighting, even art to consider. It’s almost overwhelming, but it’s also so much fun!

The idea for our kitchen is an urban farmhouse — using traditional elements in more modern ways. I think the best example is an apron front farmhouse sink in stainless steel — traditional with a twist, modern meets industrial. Our house was never a farm and is right in the city, but this casual style really works for us and for our home. It would look silly to do a super sleek modern kitchen in this house, but shaker cabinets, soapstone countertops, subway tile, farmhouse sink, stainless appliances, black and white palette is a perfect combination of modern and vintage. Like meat and sauce, this is also an ideal mix of Andy’s and my styles.

Here’s some of the details we have picked out:

cabinet drawer pull || stainless steel farmhouse sink || jar-inspired pendant light || pig butcher print || kitchen faucet || white shaker cabinet doors || white subway tile and open shelving 

We want to keep things really simple. We like the idea of a mostly black and white palette with white cabinets, white subway tile, black/dark grey soapstone counters, and because I can’t resist, I’ll probably throw in a few pops of bright yellow just for fun (surprise surprise!).

These two kitchens look so much like what I want our kitchen to be when it’s done.

one || two

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