Our Valentine’s Day Cards … With a Surprise!

Our Valentine’s Day Cards … With a Surprise!

We planned on sending Christmas cards. Honestly we did. We scheduled a family photo shoot well in advance, set to take place in November, with plenty of time to get the edited photos back and some cute cards mailed… But November in Northeast Ohio is a fickle thing, and of course, a 60-degree week turned into the first snowstorm of the year on the weekend our photos were scheduled. And then again the weekend we rescheduled a couple weeks later. So we rescheduled again… for January, which is when we took the super cute photos with Kalyn Mann for Joey’s first birthday. It worked out for the best, but if Christmas cards weren’t going to work, how about sending Valentine’s Day cards?!

It was really fun to be able to mail a little bit of love to our friends and family at a much more unexpected time of year. I designed these simple double-sided cards with a few of our favorite photos on the front and back. I still can’t get over how adorable the photos turned out! And I can’t even pick a favorite of Joey!

Oh and then this happened ….

S U R P R I SE !!

When we initially scheduled our photo shoot back in the fall, we definitely didn’t even know yet the little surprise that was in store for us!

We’re having another baby!!

And it’s a BOY!!

This week I’ll be 15 weeks along, and everything is going well so far. I had some occasional morning/afternoon/evening sickness in the beginning, for maybe about three weeks, and of course that first trimester exhaustion that’s a tired like nothing else you can imagine. Luckily Joey still takes two-hour morning and afternoon naps, so I could nap when she did. And even luckier, it was all short-lived and I’ve been feeling very normal since around Christmas and finally gave in to maternity jeans last week (yuck – they just never seem to fit me right).

We are thrilled, though, in every way, maternity jeans and all. We are SO excited for Joey to be a big sister and that we’re going to have one of each (but EEK, we don’t know anything about boys!). This was actually not a surprise pregnancy. Once we decided we wanted to have a second baby, we knew we wanted them to be close together for a  lot of different reasons. We know it’ll be years of crazy chaos, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

All photos by Kalyn Mann Photography.

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