Pictures from Halloween

Pictures from Halloween

Happy Monday! Happy November! Happy time change! I hope you guys had a great weekend!

So the other day I mentioned how we ended up canceling our annual Halloween party this year. We were feeling a little overwhelmed with projects and it was going to be difficult to get our act together to do decorations or even costumes. I was disappointed to not have anything to do on my favorite holiday, but relieved to not have all the trouble of putting together a party. Then Saturday afternoon we got invited to join some friends at a Halloween party later that night, so Andy and I went into an immediate whirlwind running around the house throwing together last-minute costumes using things we already had. I love my ’60s stewardess costume (can I wear this everyday?) and Andy was hilarious as The Flash. We had a ton of fun, and I’m sooooo glad we got to dress up after all.

Naturally we had to set up the tripod to take a few funny pictures at home…

We crack me up.

Did you dress up for Halloween? What were you? We want to hear all about it!

— Kerry

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