Pink Chairs (Again)

Pink Chairs (Again)

You guys, this is serious. I am officially obsessed with pink chairs. A few months ago I wrote about this new love, and it’s only gotten worse because now I’m seeing pink chairs in stores! How am I supposed to resist? (Well, my budget stops me, but stilllll!) So instead of buying all the pink chairs, I’m just going to admire them here, and hopefully one of you will buy one and send me pictures!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I love the modern-meets-midcentury shape of all of these chairs and of course all the beautiful blush pink. Can you believe that #1 and 2 are from TARGET? Whaaat? We used to have some gunmetal grey metal chairs like #2 that we recently sold, but I just love the pink. They also come in a stool version that I think would be so cute on our back patio (right, Andy??).


There are a couple of chairs in our house still in desperate need of reupholstering, so, hmm, you never know…

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