Pompom flower bouquets

Pompom flower bouquets

I mentioned the other day that my monthly book club meeting happened to fall on Valentine’s Day. I wanted to make something special for the girls who would be there, just for fun, and I decided to make them each a little pompom flower bouquet. This is a pretty easy project and I think they turn out so cute.

Making pompoms is one of my favorite things. There’s something sort of therapeutic about the repetition, and it makes me so happy to look at them! For this project, you just need a little bit of yarn (I used some left over from this wreath I made), scissors, wooden sticks (mine are actually skewers from Target), and glue (I used rubber cement, but any kind will work).

The steps are simple*. 1. Wrap some yarn around your fingers. The number of fingers you use and the number of times you wrap determine how wide and how thick your finished pompom will be. I wanted small pompoms this time, so I used just two fingers and wrapped the yarn around about 30 times. For a large pompom, like on a hat, I’d use 4 fingers or even my whole hand and wrap at least 100 times. 2. Cut the end of the yarn and slide the whole thing off your fingers carefully, trying to keep it from unwrapping. 3. Cut a piece of yarn large enough to tie around your pom and place your pom on top of it. 4. Tie a knot around the middle of your pom, basically making 2 different halves. Tie it tight or it could fall apart. 5. Cut the ends of all of the loops, being careful not to cut the piece that’s tying the middle. 6. Once you have all the loops cut, it will look kind of crazy and shaggy and not round. This is the point where I usually think, “oh no, I’ve messed up!” But that’s normal. 7. You need to trim the ends to make it into a real ball. Sometimes I feel like I have to trim a lot to make it look ok. It depends on your yarn and how thick you made the pom. Just keep trimming until it looks the way you want. 8. At this point, you could leave it as is and use it for something like a hat, but to make a flower, put a little glue on the end of a wooden stick and push it into your pom. 9. That’s it! You’re done! I made a couple of flowers for each girl and tied them together with a little more yarn.

* You can buy pompom makers at craft stores. I’m sure they make things easier, but I’ve never tried one. I think making pompoms by hand is too fun.

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