Projects in Progress

Projects in Progress

I thought it would be kind of fun to go around our house and take a tour of all the projects we are in the middle of. I’m what is affectionately called a dreamer. If you’re not being so nice, you could call me kind of scatterbrained or kind of crazy, ha, but let’s stick to dreamer. I constantly dream up new projects and new ideas. Andy now cringes when I suddenly say, “I have an idea!” because it usually involves him and a trip to Home Depot. The problem with being a dreamer is that I think of new projects so frequently and get so excited to start them right away, we always have lots of half-finished projects around the house. It’s something I’m working on :). Let’s take a look…

1. The coffee table (top left). Ugh, our coffee table has been in the garage since spring! We got stuck at one point, where we really didn’t know what to do next or how to do it, but this weekend we decided to just figure it out, and we did! Now it should be done very soon.

2. The TV stand (top right). This is a project Andy has been working on to hide some of his electrical equipment in the rumpus room. He also made huge progress with it this weekend, as you can see by these freshly stained boards.

3. The back door (middle left). We’ve talked about this one a few times. This is the door we had to remove when we moved our laundry into the pantry, and we’d love to use it to replace the back door in our kitchen. It’s gorgeous, but it needs A LOT of work. I started sanding it last week, and *maybe* we can get it installed before it gets too cold and if we can figure out how to install a door. Hm.

4. The pantry (middle right). Um, so remember when we were installing built-in Billy bookcases in our pantry and then never talked about it again? Well, we didn’t forget to blog about it… we kinda forgot to ever finish the project. Our pantry is still totally half built in.

5. The credenza (bottom left). This is a new one and it’s the reason for our trip to Ikea a couple weekends ago. We started with a Plan A, and changed our mind. Then we had Plan B, which ended up being $180 more than we wanted to spend. So now we’re brainstorming an easier, cheaper Plan C.

6. The office (bottom right). We finished the floor and patched the walls. I’ve been wanting to start painting for the last two weeks but have been focusing more on the exterior painting… which is a whole other project, but at least not one that we’re doing ourselves!

Don’t even get me started on the guest room….

Seriously, I don’t want to get started, haha. (A lot of that is from the office and will move in there when the office is done… But we’re going to be painting the guest room floor next, so actually everything will be moving into the office for a while!)

So that’s what we’ve been up to. Since I come up with new project ideas at a rate of about 3-5 per day, we’ll have lots more to show you soon, I’m sure! Ha!

Happy Monday, guys! Have a great one! (How about those Browns yesterday!!)

— Kerry

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