Putting the bee in busy

Putting the bee in busy

So it’s about to get real busy around here. Real real busy. We’re starting a big icky time at work where I’ll probably be doing a lot of OT. And I signed up for not just one but two new classes that start this week. And, yeah, there’s still the little business of planning a wedding in less than four months. Eek.

I’m super excited for these classes. Starting this week, I’m taking a class called Buff Brides Bootcamp. Oh. My. Goodness.  What was I thinking??? Maybe “excited” is the wrong word. “Terrified” might be more appropriate. But it’ll be great (right?). I haven’t exercised in longer than I should ever admit and it’ll be nice to get off my butt. I mean, someday it’ll be nice. Thursday will actually be hell on earth.

The second class actually IS exciting. I’m taking an online Photo 101 class from Nicole’s Classes, so I’ll (probably) stop posting all these terrible, hastily snapped iPhone pics here. Won’t you be happy? I’m really looking forward to learning how to use a “fancy” camera. Right now I don’t know my aperture from my … well, that’s the only word I even know. Yeah, I really need to take this class.

There’s a pretty big likelihood that I won’t be doing quite so many updates over the next few weeks, but just know I’m having tons of fun, um, sometimes. Thanks for reading!

{ photo by Laura Evans and available for purchase here }

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