Sneak peek: our kitchen!

Sneak peek: our kitchen!

We painted the kitchen!

Ooh, I’m so mean. This is the only photo I’m going to show you of the new color, which we are crazy happy with. You’re just going to have to wait a few more days to see the real “after” photos — or at least “closer-to-finished” photos.

We did so much painting this weekend, starting with priming all the trim and walls on Friday. Then Saturday Andy painted the ceiling while I painted the trim, and on Sunday we shared duty on two coats of edging and rolling on the walls. Today I’m hoping to start the chalkboard accent wall, and I’ve decided I need to do a second coat of paint on the trim. So we’ll have those finished photos soon.

Some other jobs we still need to do in the kitchen:

  • remove the mini-blinds and hang curtains
  • build floating shelves for the wall next to the chimney
  • fix up the island to match the new kitchen (paint/new hardware)
  • paint the inside of both doors (back door and basement door)
  • fix the broken window hardware

We’re getting there!

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