So Here’s What’s Happening

So Here’s What’s Happening

You may have noticed it’s been a week since our last blog post. After months of being bombarded by the stress and negativity of the presidential campaign and then the devastating results of the election, we haven’t had the energy or desire to talk about something so frivolous as home decor. We’re focused on raising Joey, finding ways to feel like we’re making a positive difference in the world and planning our holidays. Plus, with all of our home projects currently stuck on hold, we don’t even have much to talk about at the moment.

Time to take a break.

We won’t be posting as regularly for a while, but we’re not going away! As soon as the smoke clears and our projects start moving forward again, we will have tons of updates, and of course we have projects on our to-do list to keep us busy for years to come. Follow us on facebook for updates when we have new posts!

(Image by Dabito of Old Brand New)

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