Summer of Ice Cream: Churned Ice Cream Shop in Tremont

Summer of Ice Cream: Churned Ice Cream Shop in Tremont

Little known fact: back when I was obsessed with making ice cream, I reached out to the owners of Churned to see if I could be their head ice cream maker. They were very polite in saying, “no.” This was before I even tried the place and I thought, “pssh, why would they not want me?! I went to ice cream school!” Then we went there (this was a few years ago) and I thought, “Yeah they don’t need me. This place knows what they’re doing.” We went again recently for the Summer of Ice Cream, and I think they know even more what they’re doing now. It was so good.

Churned is technically part of A Cookie and a Cupcake, a cool little shop in Tremont. One of their menu items is a scoop of ice cream on top of one of their cupcakes. That’s really putting all their talents to good use. Such a great idea (that Kerry definitely tried).

Churned has flavors that seem both exotic and familiar at the same time. Kerry got the Mexican HOT Chocolate. It’s HOT because there is cayenne pepper in it, and it has a nice kick without being too spicy. It was a really good chocolate. I went with Maple Bacon w/ French Toast. I usually don’t enjoy bacon in sweet things, but I thought I’d give this a shot. I’m glad I did. I thought the maple and french toast flavors dominated and the bacon pieces were there just to add a little kick every once in a while. I liked it a lot.

Joey, of course, enjoyed both flavors.

Churned has come a long way since we first went years ago. And that’s saying something, because they started off on a real high note. The shop they’re in now is super cool, with a great mural on the wall. And they have everything from Cookies, to Cupcakes, to ice cream!

Rating: 5 cookies out of 5 cupcakes. 5 ice creams as a bonus.

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