Summer of Ice Cream: Fenik’s Frozen Custard in Avon Lake

Summer of Ice Cream: Fenik’s Frozen Custard in Avon Lake

When Kerry and I moved to Bay Village two years ago, a friend told us that we had to try Fenik’s Frozen Custard. She knew we are ice cream junkies and said that she and her husband love heading out to Avon Lake as much as possible for Fenik’s brand of frozen custard. We hadn’t gotten around to it in two years, so when we were planning our summer of ice cream, we knew we had to get this place on the list.

Fenik’s has both frozen custard and your standard, hard-packed ice cream. Since “Frozen Custard” is in the name, we both wanted to try what they are known for. Kerry got a classic chocolate custard cone.

I went with a vanilla custard with salted caramel swirl.

The custard here was soft, border-line melty, and incredibly delicious. I believe both batches had just come out of the churner, so they couldn’t have been any more fresh. I usually don’t like salted caramel ice cream. I know a certain Columbus ice cream joint brought that flavor into the national spotlight in ice cream, but I’ve never enjoyed it. But the vanilla ice cream WITH actual caramel in it — that had a hint of salt — was really well balanced to me. It was a much better mix of salt and sweet than straight-up salted caramel, if you ask me. I know you didn’t ask. But you are reading the blog, so…

Kerry is really excited to go back to Fenik’s because SPRINKLES!!! They had a bunch of jars out with toppings that could be added to your ice cream. That’s not something I usually go for but this did look pretty fun. I could see going back with Joey when she’s just a little older and letting her pick out the toppings by pointing at the jar she wants. At this point, I think she’d point at every single thing. Which might be good.

Fenik’s has the vibe of an old ’50s diner. Checkerboard floors, red chairs … this is a look that feels right at home when you’re eating a giant cone of delicious custard. There’s also a jukebox in the back that looked to be functional. It was the old fashioned kind too. We sat at a table and let Joey run around the place. Although after she had gotten her first spoonful, she spent most of her time running three feet away from us, turning around, running back, opening her mouth, getting a taste of custard, repeat. I think Fenik’s may have been Joey’s favorite place so far.

Rating: Yes, go there.

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