Summer of Ice Cream: The Sweet Spot in Lakewood, Ohio

Summer of Ice Cream: The Sweet Spot in Lakewood, Ohio

Okay, right off the bat, The Sweet Spot is gelato and not ice cream. So technically we’re taking a detour on our summer of ice cream for a quick stop at the summer of gelato. Just as good, if you ask me.

The Sweet Spot has a really cool atmosphere. Maybe I’ve been to the wrong gelato places in the past, but a lot of them can come off as a little stuffy. Like, “oh we don’t serve ice cream, we serve gelato.” The Sweet Spot isn’t like that at all. It was like this retro, bohemian-style ice cream shop that happens to serve everyone’s favorite Italian equivalent. The checker board floor, red chairs, and local art made the place feel super casual and fun.

The cooler of flavors is super long, which means they had a ton of options. I knew what I wanted pretty much right off the bat, and I think Kerry did too, but Joey wanted to try samples of every flavor, apparently.

We were also lucky enough to get there right when they opened, so we let Joey just run around the shop until it was time to eat. It’s really kid friendly there.

Kerry got the Coconut Almond Fudge Gelato, which had little bits of coconut in it — a pretty interesting twist. Joey didn’t want any at first, but after we got her to try some, she couldn’t stop. She ended up emptying out the bowl.

I got a Vanilla with  Bourbon and Bourbon Caramel. I make this flavor ice cream as well. It was so good here that I ate it all before taking a picture. And as an added bonus, there was actual booze in it so Joey couldn’t have any, meaning I didn’t have to share. That’s a win for me.

If you’re looking for an Italian take on ice cream, I can’t recommend The Sweet Spot enough. The laid back atmosphere and seemingly never-ending array of flavors won me over, for sure. Never again will I think of gelato shops as stuffy! Well, maybe some places… but not this one.

Rating: 5 stelle. That’s Italian for “5 stars.” Out of 5.

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