Summer of Ice Cream: Weber’s

Summer of Ice Cream: Weber’s

We officially kicked off the Summer of Ice Cream this weekend by starting at the bottom of our list: Weber’s Premium Custard & Ice Cream.

Weber’s specializes in custard, which is basically ice cream made with egg yolks. If you ever make ice cream at home, you most likely are making custard (since most homemade ice cream recipes call for eggs). I’m not the biggest fan of custard vs non-egg ice cream, so I was pleased to see that they had plenty of flavors of each. The board in the picture above is only about half the flavors listed. There was another handwritten board next to it.

I got Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie ice cream, which was taking a bit of a gamble. Peanut butter ice cream can be bad. It’s a good idea but it’s hard to execute. Weber’s nailed it. So good. Kerry got the classic chocolate custard. It reminded us of the greatest frosty you’ve ever tasted. Joey had a little bit of both, and mine was so good I was trying to make up reasons why she shouldn’t have any, which she was not happy about.

One of the reasons we were interested in Weber’s is how old fashioned it is. They still use the same equipment they were using in 1931. In fact, the two machines they use to make ice cream are the last two of those machines in existence! I obviously know a thing or two about ice cream machines and I have never seen machines like these. It was very cool to taste the product that came out of them.

Weber’s is definitely keeping it simple and old fashioned. I’m not going to knock places that are inventing new flavor ideas — that’s great. But sometimes all you want are the classics. If that’s what you want, you can’t go wrong with Weber’s.

Rating: 1,931 stars out of 1,931.

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