The most boring “master” bathroom in the world

The most boring “master” bathroom in the world

We have talked quite a bit about our remodeling plans for our kitchen, but we haven’t yet talked about what we’re doing in our bathrooms. Getting a new kitchen and two new bathrooms all at the same time is either the best or worst decision ever. Ugh.

So I took some photos of our upstairs “master” bath this weekend. And by “master” I mean, the most boring bathroom in the world. I realized while I was taking these that I’d literally never taken a picture of this room before, and I think it’s probably the only un-photographed place in this entire house. You can see why. It’s drab. It’s blah. It’s also super teeny tiny and the layout stinks. There are so many things we look at in here and think, “Why?” Why is the shower so small? Why is there so much wasted space? Why are all the tiles crooked? Why oh why would you ever paint a room this horrible (non)color?

(Looking in from the hall.) Can you see how crooked the tiles are? They drive me INSANE. They’re a super dark navy blue, which I think actually could have been pretty if done well.

The cabinet on the left is one we added for extra storage, and because there was so much empty space that we might as well do something with. There’s another useless gap to the right of the sink vanity. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the door actually fell off our mirror, oh about three years ago. Yep. (There’s another built-in cabinet not pictured, to the right, where we keep toothpaste, etc.)

The teeniest tiniest shower! Imagine trying to shave your legs in here. Ugh.

There are no words.

And gross. What IS this?

I made a fancy little diagram to try to help show how everything fits together.

The room is about 100 inches wide and 80 inches deep, which isn’t a lot to work with. We can’t move any walls, or, unfortunately, any plumbing, so we’re stuck with someone else’s bad decisions there. Boo. But we definitely have some ideas that can transform it into something a LOT better that what we have. I’m really excited about our ideas for our bathroom, so next time I’ll show you what we want to do!

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