Travel diary: Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Travel diary: Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

We shared a few pictures with you last week during our trip to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, and we have so many more pictures. Brace yourself for a long post!

Andy’s parents take a vacation to Murrells Inlet just about every year, and this is the first time Andy and I have been able to join them. We decided to make it a fun road trip, so we drove down as quickly as possible, and then took our time coming home, making overnight stops in both Asheville and Cincinnati, which we’ll talk more about in the coming days.

Andy’s parents and their friends Dennis and Anna had rented an amazing house right on the ocean, with a fabulous beach and views for-ev-er. Also joining us were Andy’s brother Steve and his girlfriend Marybeth, and family friend Sue, who lives nearby. It was so much fun to have a big house full of friends and family — and we each had our own bathroom!

We didn’t have the best weather. Actually, the weather was pretty awful most of the time. Cold and rainy and so so so windy. But we had a couple of nice days where we were able to spend some time on the beach, for at least a little while. Even when it was icky outside, it didn’t bother us at all. Just being away for a while and ON VACATION was enough for us, and we were just as content to sit inside with a book and a cocktail or watch NHL playoffs on TV. Having no to-do list or chores or home improvements or, most of all, no going to work(!) is pretty much my favorite past-time. Yep, I love to do nothing, and I never get bored at it. haha

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo… Andy’s mom throws the best parties. We each picked a Spanish name, and I chose Isabel, which was also my “French name” in high school French classes.  Is that cheating? And wait, where is Andy’s nametag? He was Inigo Montoya. Not exactly Mexican, but totally funny.

Sitting on the beach… but can you see my goosebumps? I was determined to stay outside!

We saw dolphins playing in front of our house a few times, which was so awesome.

Too many blue and white stripes? No such thing!! (I even bought another blue and white striped dress in Asheville. Can you believe it?? I’m obsessed.) And yes, I had messy, frizzy, windblown hair for the entire week.

My office… sitting on the porch blogging with the ocean in front of me was a lifestyle I could get real used to! Plus there was an ice cream shop a short walk down the beach and a Krispy Kreme down the road. What more could you need?!

Some more pictures from the Brookgreen Gardens, which I loved.

Watching the sunset on our last night.

Places to go if you’re in Murrells Inlet:

The MarshWalk lots of waterfront restaurants and bars, and a beautiful place to take a walk along the pier 3979 – 4123 Highway 17 Business

Murrells Inlet, SC

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