Updates in the Back Yard

Updates in the Back Yard

Happy Monday! (Is that an oxymoron?) Well, I personally think the best cure for the Monday blues is a good before and after! Or in this case, a before and sort of after-ish/in-progress update of our back yard.

The previous owner of our house was a very impressive, very prolific gardener. I’m always jealous of good gardeners, but I have no patience for it. She had raised beds in the back yard with just about every kind of vegetable you can imagine (and some things we were never able to identify). We were lucky to be able to take advantage of a HUGE harvest last fall. I say huge, but keep in mind we have a pretty small suburban yard. I’m not talking acres here by any means, but wow there was a lot of stuff packed in there.

Fast forward to this summer, and well, Andy and I are NOT gardeners. We’re super proud of ourselves if we mow the lawn, let alone actually get out there and take care of things. So needless to say, that garden became a hot mess full of insane weeds and random things that had come up from seed. And I haven’t even mentioned the raspberry bushes that had completely taken over the side along the fence. They were delicious, but so out of control.

I mean… gross. Also, disregard our yellow grass. According to our neighbor, it’s just dormant not dead, because we didn’t get any rain for so long. But we actually have a really nice in-ground sprinkler system that we also got serviced last week (it wasn’t working because of some sort of wiring issue that’s not interesting), and of course, it’s rained every day since.

Luckily for us, our neighbor owns a landscaping company, so we hired him to clean it all up. I’m sure he was VERY happy not to look at it anymore! After ripping out all the weeds, digging out the raspberry bushes and taking out the garden beds, they leveled the yard, created a raised bed along the fence, and planted grass seed.

SO MUCH BETTER, even just with dirt! (This was Friday, and as of today new grass is already starting to pop up.)

The entire back yard is definitely a work in progress, and we have A LOT of plans to tackle eventually, but I’m excited about its potential!

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