We Got a Makeover!

We Got a Makeover!

We’re really excited to show you what we’ve been working on behind the scenes! I mentioned to Andy a few days ago that I thought Burritos and Bubbly needed an update to reflect the style of our new house and what we’re all about these days, because our old logo seemed to go better with our old house. He agreed. I sat down and whipped up this logo in literally 10 minutes, almost as a joke … fully expecting him to hate it. Because, pink flamingos! But shockingly, he loved it! (And this is why we get along!) Yay!

The very first thing we ever bought for our new house was a pink flamingo to go in our back yard, the same weekend we signed the closing papers. So this logo feels perfect for this house and where we are in our lives right now. It’s a nod toward the midcentury, fresh and modern, fun and quirky, just like us (or like we wish we were because we’re mostly just boring … but no one wants a boring logo!).

Besides the logo, we gave the whole website an upgrade. You’ll notice that you can now see more posts on the front page, instead of having to scroll through a ton of text. (Because, um, I may talk a lot…) You can just click on the “Read More” button to see the rest of each post. Easy peasy.

We’ll continue to tweak things behind the scenes (like I haven’t had a chance to update our social media pages yet, I know), but please let us know if you see anything that isn’t working or looks weird or if you have suggestions for ways to make the site even better. We’d love to hear what you think of our makeover!

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