We Sold Our House! We Moved! Phew.

We Sold Our House! We Moved! Phew.

Happy Monday, you guys! You may have seen our announcement on instagram Friday night that we finally moved!! We’ve been purposefully avoiding talking about what’s been going on until everything is official. It’s been sooo hard not to talk about it, but now that everything is finalized, we wanted to give you a little rundown on what’s been happening.

As we told you back then, we bought and closed on our new house in Bay Village in mid-August. You can read all about how that came about in this post.

For a couple of months, we worked practically nonstop on decluttering, throwing away, packing up and staging our old house in Ohio City to get it ready to sell. Our goal was basically to have nothing in the house that wasn’t staged when it went on the market in October, including in the closets, attic, basement, etc. (See the staged photos that Andy took in the real estate listing.)

In mid-September, we moved a bed, TV, dishes, pots and pans, and all our clothes into the new house. We spent two nights in the new house before we decided it was a better idea to keep sleeping at the old one, mostly for security reasons. But also because we left our comfy king bed at the old house and this giant belly of mine does not fit well in a queen bed! #spoiled

Every day for the next three months Andy would drive to Bay Village after work, usually stopping for an hour or so in Ohio City to pack up a carload to move, and we’d eat dinner in our new house, then pack an overnight bag and drive separate cars back to the old house to sleep. In the morning, Andy would drive to work and Ruby and I would drive back to Bay Village to spend the day. We did this every single day for three months. Every single day. Literally splitting our time between two houses. Remember I was also in my third trimester for all of this. It was insane. But we did it for so long, it just became normal to us. Even Ruby got used to the routine.

Our Ohio City house went on the market with an open house on October 25 and we accepted an offer the next day. As these things go, there were a lot of back and forths, contract negotiations, inspections, blah blah blah, stress stress stress, but everything came together eventually. We moved the rest of our furniture last Wednesday and finally spent our first comfortable night in the new house in our own bed, which was THE BEST. The sale closed on Friday, December 11, so it’s now official!!!

I can’t even explain how nice it is to be living full time in one house!! After four months of owning two houses and three months of going back and forth on a daily basis, it’s AMAZING to spend an entire day in one house. We can go to bed whenever we want! We can relax and get comfy on the couch in the evening because we don’t have to worry about having to get in a car and drive back to the other house before bed!

Since we took our time moving and organizing and purging, we’ve been able to make great progress getting unpacked. Of course life is still crazy messy with boxes, and we don’t know where half our things are yet, but we’re HOME. And that feels so good.

I want to say some sappy things about how much we loved our old house, because we really truly did and always will, but we’ve had enough time to say goodbye and we’re over it. Now we just want to enjoy our new home and we are so so so excited to be able to do that now.

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