Wedding Wednesday: Rock n Roll Wedding

Wedding Wednesday: Rock n Roll Wedding

Hi everyone! Happy Wedding Wednesday to you! I hope you’re ready for a little rock n roll this morning. This Johnny Cash-inspired wedding features guitar picks instead of rice, harmonica escort cards, and an altar made of amps. I love it!

All photos by John Robert Woods Photographer.  See more fun pictures on Ruffled here and here.  

 I love the fun shoes on the bride and bridesmaids! Don’t you?

Do you think maybe there will be a rock and roll twist at my own wedding? I’m not giving away any secrets! But with just under six months to go, we’ve been making some really great progress lately. I have appointments next week with both a wedding planner (I need help!) and a photographer. But, ugh, that dreaded to-do list, don’t you just hate it? And love it? All at the same time. I couldn’t do anything without my checklist on, but every time I look at it, I break out into a cold sweat. Hopefully with each check mark on that list, I’ll sweat a little less. And, to be honest, I’m having so much fun!

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