We’re getting a new kitchen!!

We’re getting a new kitchen!!

Well. Someday we are getting a new kitchen. But we took the first step and have an appointment with a kitchen design place to drawn up plans. Someone is coming out later this week to take measurements. YAY!

Andy and I decided the best thing to do would be to go through my kitchen inspiration folder and make a portfolio of the images we like best. We don’t want to get too specific at this point, because we want the designer to have freedom to be creative. There’s definitely an idea that we have, though, for a vintage modern country kitchen that’s open and bright, a kitchen that’s new and clean but appropriate for a 120-year-old house.

Here’s a sampling of the images we pulled.

This first one is my absolute favorite. White cabinets and subway tile, dark floors and counters, glass doors, stainless appliances… it has all the elements we want. I like the open, airy, modern-country vibe of this kitchen. And I am in love with that range hood.  I’m not a chandelier-in-the-kitchen kind of girl, but I like the use of vertical space here, since we also have high ceilings. This is another black and white kitchen that we really like. It’s modern but timeless. Plus, I love those little black birds!

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