What Colors Do You Wear Most?

What Colors Do You Wear Most?

This is a really random post topic, but it’s something I had on my mind and I think it would be fun if we have more random conversations around here!

I have an upcoming photoshoot for work for which we were all tasked with wearing “light blue, light grey, light pink, ivory, white or tan.” As you know, light pink is one of my absolute favorite colors and we have a ton of pink in our house. We have a light pink chair, lots of light pink pillows and throw blankets, an entryway painted light pink, the ceiling in Joey’s room painted light pink… and just wait until we finally install a certain phenomenal wallpaper we already purchased which I am so excited about… But you know what? I own one measly little light pink sweatshirt, one light pink jacket and maybe like one pair of light pink socks. To be honest, I just don’t really wear much pink!

So what colors do I actually wear? Well, besides black, most of the clothes I reach for regularly or are drawn to at the store are olive green, rust, yellow and, of course, leopard print brown! It’s so funny. Light pink is still my favorite color but I just don’t wear it often, for whatever reason, and I didn’t even realize that until I was specifically looking. And other than some rust touches in our bedroom, I don’t really like decorating with green, yellow or brown in our house.

Does that mean I want to reconsider our entire home’s color scheme? No way!! I’ve heard decorators say that you should decorate the way you dress, but honestly I love that I don’t look exactly like my house, but yet my house feels like a perfect reflection of me and my family. If I wore a ton of pink, I probably wouldn’t be so excited to decorate with it, to be honest. So I love that I can surround myself with all kinds of colors — whether in decorating or in my wardrobe — and that they all make me so happy in totally different ways!

So I’d love to hear from you — what colors do you wear most and what colors do you decorate with most — are they the same or totally different like me? Let me know in the comments!!

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