What’s left to do…

What’s left to do…

This is a late post today. I usually share some random daily photos on Friday, but somehow we just didn’t really take any pictures this week. Weird. I guess we were just having too much fun. Between me going out to St. Patrick’s Day breakfast at The Harp with my friends and accidentally staying all day (9-1/2 hours!), to us attending a fundraiser for BvBCLE to support a good friend, it’s just been a busier-than-usual week. Plus we’ve been working on painting the pantry, making a few updates to the bedroom, and putting some finishing touches on the master bath — all of which we should have pictures of next week! So, speaking of getting things done, I thought it was just about time to check in on our big 2014 to-do list and see how we’re doing so far, almost a full three months in.

1. Finish the kitchen — at the beginning of the year we said that our kitchen was 90% done and we just needed to put up some open shelves, repaint the kitchen island, and hang curtains. Wellllllll, we haven’t finished any of it. I’ve been working on the island on and off for the last couple of weeks, but we still need to start everything else.

2. Finish the master bathroom — I’d say this is also somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% done (are you sensing a theme?). The new tile floor is done and the toilet, tub, sink and lighting have all been installed (expect pictures next week!). At this point we just need to put one final coat of paint on our DIY wainscoting (we’ve added some moulding and caulked the edges, so we’ll show you that process soon), hang new window treatments, and add some shelves. Ok, maybe let’s put that room at like 80% done!

3. Finish the pantry — we have a washer and dryer in here now, which wasn’t even on the original to-do list! This weekend we’re going to start putting together the wall of bookcases that we bought, which will mean we can finally unpack all the boxes taking up space in the rest of our house. So, we’re nowhere near done in here, but we’re making tons of progress.

4. Paint the kitchen, pantry and hallway — done, done and almost done! (see pictures of the kitchen here, and the hallway here) In the pantry we just need to finish a few touchups, but it’s… you guessed it… 90% done. haha

5-10. — Not even started. Oh well, it’s only March.

I love crossing things off lists, so I’m happy that we’re at least getting closer with a bunch of things. What about you guys? Do you have any to-do list items that you’ll be crossing off your list this weekend? Or do you have anything else fun planned? We’re celebrating our 22-month-iversary tonight (yes, it’s totally a thing!) by going out to dinner and a movie. We’re either going to see Muppets Most Wanted or Grand Budapest Hotel, and I don’t even care which one because I am crazy excited to see them both! Have a great weekend, friends!!

— Kerry

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