Working hard — not hardly working

Working hard — not hardly working

I wanted to write a really dramatic story about how we’ve worked so hard this week and how I’m utterly exhausted and every muscle hurts. But I don’t really have the energy for drama right now, for once in my life, haha. Mostly I just want to say that we finished the bathroom last night, and the guys are starting to install our sink/toilet/tub today. We should have a complete bathroom — a whole complete house — in just a few days. And most of all, I AM SO PROUD OF US. Andy and I worked really, crazy hard, 15+ hour days for an entire week, and we’re going to have a beautiful bathroom to show for it. I used to be the kind of girl who didn’t leave the house with chipped nails. I painted them twice a week, and sat at a computer all day. Now my hands don’t look so pretty, but I’m so much more proud of them.

Ok, maybe this was a little dramatic after all. Blame the lack of sleep!

— Kerry

P.S. See a sneak peek of the bathroom here!!

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