A Mother’s Day Wishlist

A Mother’s Day Wishlist

I started a blog post last week about how we don’t really do Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gifts, especially this year because we have a whole bunch of big projects coming up soon (baby’s room, new fence, bathroom update, maybe even getting the house painted!), but then Andy totally surprised me with the sweetest, most thoughtful (early) Mother’s Day gift, the book “You’re Doing a Great Job! 100 Ways You’re Winning at Parenting.” It looks hilarious and I can’t wait to read it!

It’s great timing because this is 100% my life right now, and It’ll be great to have a book to read when I’m up at midnight tossing and turning! (If you like mysteries, I’ve also been alternating between this series and this series, which are both fantastic.)

Before The Best Husband Ever suprised me with a gift, I’d started a Mother’s Day wishlist of all the things I would secretly ask for if I were to ask for anything, mostly things I’d probably never really buy myself in real life but that of course I would love to have. I’m naturally so boringly practical, though, that even a fake list of things makes me like, but do I really need it?! Haha. But that makes it EVEN MORE FUN to play, right?

So, tell me, what would you put on your fake, or real, wishlist?

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