Hallway progress

Hallway progress

Once again the weather over the weekend prevented us from working on the bathroom like we were hoping (too much snow to get to the store to buy the supplies we need!), so we went to work on another project: the hallway. That’s good since it’s been sitting half done for a few weeks now.

before // the view from the kitchen

You may remember that we have a little hallway that connects our kitchen to the updated bathroom, our rumpus room, and our pink lounge/living room. The hallway has always had shiny black trim, and a few years ago it seemed like a good idea to paint the walls bright yellow (I swear it was an improvement over the cardboard-colored tan that was in there when we moved in). When the kitchen and bathroom got remodeled, though, we decided this hallway just wasn’t going to work anymore, and it had to be painted.

before // the view from the rumpus room towards the bathroom

It took three coats of primer and two coats of semi-gloss Behr “Ultra Pure White” with built-in primer to cover the black trim. We also painted the walls in the same gray as the kitchen — Valspar Seashell Gray, which is super soft and perfect. We just love this color. You’ll see pictures of the painted kitchen later this week. I will need to do a second coat on the hallway walls today, but isn’t this a HUGE improvement already? The hallway looks twice as big and ten times brighter than it used to.

in progress // the view from the rumpus towards the bathroom

It also become very obvious with the new paint job that we need to replace the light. This one is so not our style. Since it’s yellow it used to blend in with the yellow paint and was barely noticeable. Now, say goodbye faux Tiffany light that’s trying to look old and classy but just looks boring. Luckily I had a “new” light in the attic, still in the box, that I fell in love with and bought about three years ago and was just waiting to find a place for. So we’ll install that soon. We’re also thinking about some new art for the end of the hall, but we’re not sure what yet. Stay tuned!

in progress // the view from the kitchen

Obviously painting all the doors is still on my to-do list. I figure that will be my next project after the pantry. Painting the kitchen, hallway and pantry the same colors is making the whole area feel so much more light and open. It’s soooo exciting to see things really coming together in the area of our home that used to be such an embarrassment.

What do you think? Did you get any projects crossed off your to-do list this weekend?

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