A Quick Look Ahead: 2015 Goals

A Quick Look Ahead: 2015 Goals

Our to-do list this year is, well, a little ambitious. 25 things for 2015. It kind of has a nice ring to it. We just really want to get our house DONE, once and for all. Is that even a thing, to be done with a house? Well, we feel like we’ve been stuck in the middle, with both half-finished and yet-to-be-started projects, for soooo long and we want to bust our butts this year to get it all done already.

So here’s what we’re planning for 2015:

  1. Rip up the upstairs hallway carpet, fix the floor underneath, get new carpet
  2. Fix cracked walls in upstairs hallway
  3. Paint all interior doors
  4. Replace back door
  5. Replace front door
  6. Fix master bathroom door that doesn’t close properly
  7. Finish the pantry built-in — finish the molding and paint everything
  8. Add cabinetry over the washer/dryer
  9. Add a countertop over the washer/dryer
  10. Paint the entryway
  11. Paint the foyer
  12. Paint the guest room
  13. Refinish the guest room floor
  14. DIY a headboard for the guest room
  15. Add craft storage to the guest room
  16. Add towel rack to the master bath
  17. Fix missing master bath tile
  18. Fix missing master bath trim
  19. Add bathroom storage
  20. Landscape the back half of the yard (lay down a new patio?)
  21. Fix the bedroom and office closet walls with new drywall or beadboard
  22. Build desk for the office
  23. Add shelving and storage to the office
  24. Replace front porch columns that have rotted
  25. Replace window coverings in the dining room

And that’s just the house stuff! We also have plans for the blog, plans for travel, plans for new recipes to try and crafts to make. You know, the fun stuff.

We’re well on our way with #1, as of yesterday. There’s a board in our upstairs hallway, under the carpet, that pops up when you walk on it. The plaster wall next to it is severely cracked, too, which made us worry that there may be a bigger problem than just a loose floorboard. It could be structural. Eek. Yesterday Andy ripped up the carpet and a contractor friend came out to assess the damage. So far it looks like it might not be structural, thank goodness, but he’ll know for sure when he starts working on it this week. We’ll let you know how it goes!

So what’s on your to-do list for 2015? Do you think we’re totally nuts putting so much on our list?! Are you starting a pool to see how many things we actually finish?!

— Kerry

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