Drab to Fab: Palm Springs-Inspired Chair

Drab to Fab: Palm Springs-Inspired Chair

For the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo we are among several local designers and bloggers who were invited to update a chair from drab to fab to be auctioned off at the show. We were so honored and excited to participate!

Our first step was to find a chair, so I went to FIVE thrift stores and … didn’t find a SINGLE chair that would work! What the heck? Three of the stores didn’t have any chairs at all, one only had full dining room sets and upholstered lazy boy-type chairs, and one place didn’t have anything in our budget. So we moved to Plan B: use a chair we already owned! We had a couple of these really old, weathered, folding chairs from Ikea that were in desperate need of a makeover, so they were perfect.

Our second step was to come up with a design plan. This is the hard part. We wanted something that reflected our style and that would represent Burritos and Bubbly, so we said what do we love? Palm Springs! To us that means clean lines, which the chair already had, some bright white high-gloss paint in the form of many many many coats of spray paint, and a really fun, colorful pattern on the cushion.

We bought this awesome blue cactus-print fabric from Shugei Craft — I’m obsessed with this fabric! I hand-sewed a cushion that we then attached to the seat with velcro, so it will be easy to pop on and off but doesn’t have the distraction of ties. We love the idea that someone will be able to take the chair outside and have a little piece of Palm Springs on their patio. I wish we’d had a little more time because I had even more BIG IDEAS (I am always full of BIG IDEAS that have to be in all-caps but never happen), but we love how the chair turned out in the little time we had and are so excited to see the other chairs at the show!

Oh, and just for fun… we made a second chair for ourselves, too!!!

Check out all the chairs at the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo running today through Sunday at the Cleveland Convention Center. You can still buy tickets at a discount by clicking on the image below and using code BURRITOSHR.

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