House Tour, One Year In: Master Bedroom

House Tour, One Year In: Master Bedroom

As promised, we’re taking you on a tour of our house, one year in. We’re starting the tour with our master bedroom because it was actually the very first room we worked on. But for some reason we have never shared pictures. (Well, the reason is our bedroom is always kind of a mess ! Don’t tell me we’re the only ones!)

Ah, she is so cute!

There’s still tons of changes I want to make to this room so I’ve been avoiding taking any pictures up to this point. To see what our plans are for this room, take a look at our modern-minimal-beachy master bedroom moodboard… But looking at the before pictures makes me feel much better about what we’ve accomplished so far!

The very first thing we did to our bedroom was take down the wallpaper border, which was a pretty easy project with a spray bottle of hot water and plastic scraper. We also replaced a dark, oversized ceiling fan with a small white one. I know ceiling fans aren’t the most fashionable decorating accessory, but we sleep with ours on every night all year and just had to have one. This one was super cheap at Home Depot (maybe like 30 bucks) and it’s perfect.

We painted the walls 3/4 of the way up with this pretty, soft teal.  It’s Valspar for Ace “Warm Breezes” and we LOVE this color. In person, it’s really calm and has enough grey in it to feel like a neutral. Painting the partial wall was a lot trickier than we expected — “it’ll be easy” has become a joke in our house because I always tell Andy projects will be easy when I’m trying to convince him to do them, and of course they NEVER are!! Regardless, this was 100% worth every stressful moment of trying to get a straight line! We loooove how the walls look, and we feel like we totally accomplished our modern-minimal goal.

The second thing we did was remove the ill-fitting bathroom door. The ensuite bathroom is about 75% of the reason we bought this house! But the original accordion door, which you can see in the before photo above, was awkward and didn’t quite close all the way. So we took down that old door and replaced it with a DIY sliding farm door — tutorial coming soon! Ok, so technically we haven’t put any sort of hardware on this door yet, so technically it kind of doesn’t quite close all the way either, HA! But we will get to it eventually. And it closes enough that we aren’t embarrassing ourselves in the bathroom (we may be married, but we’re not bathroom-door-open kind of people).

Wait. You don’t have an Olympic torch in your bedroom? Haha. My father was a torchbearer in the 2002 Salt Lake games, so we keep this momento in our room. It’s kind of a weird thing to decorate around, to be honest. The small print leaning against the wall is a vintage piece my mom bought when she lived in Brazil, and the framed print is by Cleveland artist Grey Cardigan.


We keep a baby gate on this room to keep the cats out. We were having so much trouble with them tracking kitty litter into the bed, which is sooooo gross, so we eventually had to ban them from the bedroom completely. Ruby the dog has her own bed on the floor next to us, because she is not allowed in our bed either.

Our next big project in here is to build a headboard/bedframe (see our inspiration), which I am SO excited about. That will replace our nightstands and may incorporate bedside lighting, too. I can’t wait for that project!


Bedding: West Elm (no longer available) Throw pillow: Crate & Barrel (old) Wood dresser: vintage, from Main Street Modern in Canton, Ohio (our favorite) White dresser: Ikea (yes, we know about the tipping risk and we will definitely secure it) Curtains: Ikea Nightstands: old from Target and Ethan Allen Lamps: Target, from our old house Paint color, bottom: Valspar for Ace Hardware “Warm Breezes”

Paint color, top and trim: Sherwin Williams “Snowbound”

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