Our wedding is two months from today!!

Our wedding is two months from today!!

At this point in my life everything is being broken down into what I call BW or AW — “Before Wedding” or “After Wedding.” With our wedding just two months from today (!!), we are buckling down and working so hard to get everything done. “Boy, I’d sure like to go Spring clothes shopping,” I tell myself. Nope, AW. Yard work, home renovations, blogging with any sort of regularity … all AW. And BW? Taxes, unfortunately. Not even a wedding can trump taxes.

Crossing things off our to-do list is the greatest feeling.

But it’s not all work and no play for us. Don’t you worry! We knocked at least five huge things off our to-do list this weekend and also managed to wake up Sunday with a post-St. Patrick’s Day headache, which I think is as important as snow on Christmas! It was a really great weekend. We finished our table numbers and designed our wedding bands (Bob Mahoney at Vivid Diamond & Design in Bay Village, Ohio is awesome). We painted all the trim in the upstairs hallway and shared the biggest ice cream sundae in the world. And we spent hours hanging out, drinking, chatting and watching all the neighborhood crazies on our friends’ porch on Saturday night. Life is all about balance.

And two months from today, when we look out at all the work we did and all the people we love in the world, every single minute of this will be worth it.

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