An Evening in Ohio City Recap

An Evening in Ohio City Recap

You guys! We did it! Our neighborhood home tour, Evening in Ohio City, was on Saturday, and we had so much fun! We weren’t sure what to expect with 200 strangers coming through our house — Andy and I are both  social awkward and shy! — but we had so much fun.

We really enjoyed meeting a ton of people from our neighborhood and beyond. Everyone was so nice and we didn’t have any problems with anyone trying to rifle through our drawers or take any “souvenirs” or anything like that at all. There was one red wine spill on our new carpet, which cleaned up perfectly since that carpet is so stain proof, and one incident with a couple trying to make out in our bedroom (HA! I mean, that’s just hilarious! Who does that???).

And then yesterday, besides going to see the new Mad Max movie (it’s crazy and good), I pretty much slept all day … and kind of want to do that again today, ha!

Thanks, friends, for being patient with us while we’ve been sooo busy. We’ll get back into the normal swing of blogging over the next few days, because we have a ton of things to show you!

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