Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Andy and I had a fun day yesterday celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I’m Irish and he’s not, but it doesn’t matter when there’s Bailey’s cheesecake involved!

We started our day with breakfast at The Harp, one of our favorite local restaurants. We had eggs and corned beef and plenty of potatoes, followed, of course, by a giant piece of Bailey’s cheesecake smothered in whipped cream. Mmm.

Last year we were able to ride our bikes to breakfast at The Harp, wearing t-shirts! (Remember?) This year… down parkas and snow on the ground. Brr!

We’re just not interested in marathon sessions at the bar anymore or fighting crowds of drunk people to go downtown. We stopped at a bar for one Guinness, just to say we did, and that was long enough. We ended the day celebrating the way I like… at home with some bubbly!

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