Baby Boy’s Nursery Ideas

Baby Boy’s Nursery Ideas

YAY I’ve been looking forward to this blog post for moooonths! Designing the nursery is the most fun and we are SO EXCITED to show you what we’re planning for our baby boy due in August! This week we’ll be halfway to his due date — 20 weeks along already, can you believe it?? — so it’s a good time to really start making some plans.

This is the room that will be the nursery — except it’s currently full of junk. Step one: NO PURPLE.

Last week I was finding myself getting really overwhelmed with ideas. Typical of me. I knew the basics of what we want to do but then it was like, but this thing at Target is cute and this other thing I saw on Pinterest is cute … and those things didn’t go together… Ugh. It’s so easy to get sidetracked and just have a million gazillion ideas. To gather my thoughts, I broke down my ideas into three main themes — a beachy room, a nautical room, and a cactus room — and sat down to make three separate moodboards for them. By the time I was working on the third one, it was so obvious to me that the first one was my favorite that I stopped mid-way and backtracked. That’s why moodboards are SUCH a valuable tool for narrowing down your focus, and I recommend everyone do one for every single room/project. I don’t think of them as a shopping list, but just a general direction — a mood.

So let’s go to the beach!

Here are a couple of my inspiration images:

(left | right)

We love that cheerful aqua color paired with a bright, crisp white. It’s classic beach decor, and I think can be fun for a little boy’s room.

The new baby’s room is right next to Joanna’s and a similar size and shape, but this room only has one window while Joey has two. On the one longer wall we’ll be adding horizontal planks (using the same plywood planks process we used in the bathroom of our old house) and painting that wall aqua (just have to find the perfect shade — there are like six paint samples on the wall right now!). The other three walls and most of the other elements will be white with a few pops of bright, cheerful colors.

We already have the rug we’re using (pictured at the bottom of the moodboard), because it’s a rug we briefly had in our living room. The white rug was getting too dirty too fast in our living room (thanks Ruby) so we stored it away after only a month or two of use. Now that we have a nursery to decorate, it’ll be perfect, so we are using it as our main jumping off point for the colors and decor. It’s going to be so nice and soft in the baby’s room.

Here are our decor ideas for our beachy baby boy nursery!

Beach Time Throw Pillow, The Coral Crab on Etsy | Spread the Aloha Print, Everything Is Jake on Etsy |Pineapple Pillow, Target (we already have this in our living room!) | Palm Beach Organic Crib Sheet, Project Nursery | Turquoise Ukulele, Amazon | Woven Wall Mirror, Urban Outfitters | Top Banana Pennant, Three Potato Four (OBSESSED!) | Camper Van Playset, Amazon | Blue Diamond Shag Rug, Rugs USA

We’re still figuring out the furniture and layout, but we know for sure we’ll get the same white Ikea Sunkdvik crib we have for Joey. We LOVE this crib. It’s the perfect size, modern and clean design, and at only $119 the price can’t be beat. Joey has been sleeping in this crib since she was a month old and we have no complaints.

It’s nice to have a design direction now so we can start putting things together and go shopping! Our plan is fun, fits in with the style of the rest of our house, and is baby appropriate without screaming BABY. We’ll keep things minimal like we did in Joey’s room so there’s room to grow into it and adapt it as he grows.

Let us know what you think!!!

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