Pretty in pink living room

Pretty in pink living room

A few months ago Andy and I walked into our house after a weekend away, took a look at each other and said, “Let’s move furniture!” An hour later our dining room had become our living room. The old flippy floppy! And we love our new room!

So the last time you saw our pink room, it was the dining room with our old dining table and a huge old cabinet that was filled with my grandma’s old china. I loved the pink walls, but otherwise it just felt … old. And boring. And we never ever went in there. Now, the room is still pink (for now), my great-grandfather’s portrait is still on the wall, and the cabinet it also still there — but now it’s full of nicknacks and books and our collection of ridiculous musical instruments (pink ukulele… toy accordion…). We also moved the daybed from the red “reading room,” brought in a few new pieces and repurposed other things from around the house.

This new living room makes me so happy! This is a much better use of the space. We actually go in here now, and it’s fun to hang out on the daybed with a book. This room gets great light.

The only things we needed to buy were the rugs (two that we put together to make one big one, each only $20!!) and armchair from Ikea, the white side table from West Elm and the gold lamp base from Target. The polka dot lampshade is a DIY project that I’ll share tomorrow. I also bought the gold pig book ends, because, well, how could I not?? Everything else in the room we pulled from somewhere else in the house, which is one of my favorite ways to pull a room together.

Mocha likes it, too!

I love that our house is really starting to feel more like us. (Um, after three years it’s about time, right?!) There’s still a lot of changes I want to make in the living room, including adding more art to the walls and getting some live plants. I need to add a few more things to the cabinet and do something about the styling on the top. I’m not crazy about what’s up there now. I also want to get some more pillows to make the daybed super cozy. Ultimately we also want to repaint this room — sad, I know! — but it’s time for a change.

I’m so glad we made a spontaneous decision to move things around!

Shopping list: daybed — West Elm, years ago

pillows — Ikea

rugs — Ikea wicker chair — Pier One, many years ago

armchair — Ikea

gold lamp — Target
side table — West Elm
coffee table — Ikea
pig book ends — CB2
white tray — CB2
everything else is antique/old/reused

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