Baby Holtzmann Halloween Costume!!

Baby Holtzmann Halloween Costume!!

Hi guys! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments after our last post. We heard from so many of you and really truly appreciate every single one of you so much.  After a depressing Monday, today we have something MUCH more fun!!

Did you see the new Ghostbusters? It was the first (and I think only) movie we’ve seen at the theater since Joey was born. We thought it was cute and funny, not the best movie ever made, but Kate McKinnon’s character Jillian Holtzmann was AMAZING. She’s hilarious, she’s smart, she’s super weird, and she kicks serious ghost butt without a low-cut top or long flowing hair.

(You have to watch this video of Kate McKinnon’s Holtzmann outtakes.)

So when Andy and I were thinking of Halloween costume ideas for Joey, Holtzmann was top of our list. While all those baby pumpkin costumes are adorable, they aren’t really our style. We want Joey to have strong female role models, so why not dress her as one now?

I love her stunned “what is happening to me right now” facial expressions!

Originally we thought we’d do a family costume: Joey as Holtzmann, me as Kristin Wiig’s character Erin Gilbert (because bangs) and Andy as Chris Hemsworth’s character Kevin. Buuut, in real life, a nine-and-a-half-month-old doesn’t trick-or-treat, she’ll be in bed before trick-or-treating even starts, and we didn’t have a party to go to, so there was really no reason to bother with a family Halloween costume. Maybe next year?

This costume was really easy. We already had the jumpsuit, so all we needed to buy was the goggles, black socks and orange washi tape — all of which will be reused in the future. I made her backpack and belt.

She looks like she could kick some ghost butt, right??!!

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