Blogs to read: interior design

Blogs to read: interior design

I mentioned yesterday that I go in phases between loving fashion and loving interior design best, but honestly, 90% of the blogs I read are about interiors. I loooove looking at beautifully styled rooms. It’s really my favorite thing in life, and if I was looking at beautiful rooms while wearing a fabulous dress, and maybe eating ice cream, that’s pretty much my heaven right there.  So among all the really fantastic interiors blogs I read on a regular basis, it’s hard to even say that I have “favorites” because everyone brings a different perspective and different ideas to the table, and I like to read about all of them. The four that I’m going to talk about today are where I’ve found the absolute most inspiration, and probably align most closely with my own design aesthetic. There’s easily another dozen sites that I could talk about if I had a lot more time. But wouldn’t that be nice?! Until extra hours are invented, take a look at these! SF Girl By Bay never ceases to deliver inspiring images of gorgeous homes from around the world, plus shots from blogger Victoria’s hometown of San Francisco. This site is a constant source of inspiration and Victoria has amazing taste. {photo}

Color, color, color is what Will at Bright Bazaar is all about, and I love it. He provides a breath of fresh air in a blog-sea of neutrals and white walls. And while there’s beauty in white, too, there’s a lot more fun in pops of pink and yellow and blue and… Just check it out. I promise Will’s colorful inspiration will make you smile. {photo}

On Making It Lovely, Nicole shares the transformation of her own home in the Chicago area along with lots of other inspiration along the way. It’s always great for me to see real-life rooms decorated by real-life people in really good ways. I love her aesthetic, which leans towards the midcentury just like mine, and best of all, she isn’t afraid of pink! {photo}

I’ve mentioned before that Emily Henderson is one of my absolute design heroes, and her blog, Style by Emily Henderson, doesn’t disappoint. She provides really great tips, including a series of styling videos that shouldn’t be missed. I have learned so much about styling from her blog as well as her show on HGTV. Plus, she’ll make you laugh! {photo}

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