Baby Update: 20 Weeks Pregnant Is the Best

Baby Update: 20 Weeks Pregnant Is the Best

I could be 20 weeks pregnant forever! Ok, maybe not foreverrrrr (because maternity clothes are the worst, and obviously I’m excited to meet our little boy), but this is definitely the sweet spot of pregnancy. I can’t believe we’re halfway through already!

My top 10 reasons 20 weeks pregnant is the best:

  1. At 20 weeks I feel great and have tons of energy. I worked out really sporadically during my first pregnancy, but this time I’ve committed to doing Pure Barre weekly and recently amped up to going both Saturday and Sunday mornings, which is making a huge difference in making me feel stronger and healthier. I’m planning on doing Pure Barre as long as my doctor says it’s ok for me and I feel physically able.
  2. I’m totally finished with the queasiness, nausea and food aversions I occasionally had during the first trimester. Can you believe that sweets sounded gross to me for a couple of months?!
  3. I’m big enough to look obviously pregnant instead of maybe like I ate too many burritos — so strangers are really nice and friendly (but no “you look like you’re going to pop” yet, because no one likes that). Talking about pregnancy and kids has become a nice conversation starter with other girls at the gym.
  4. I’m also big enough to have a round belly but not the big ankles and puffy face that I’ll inevitably get later.
  5. Sleeping is still comfortable. I’m not sleeping super great at night, which is really common during pregnancy, but despite sometimes being awake in the night I wake up feeling well rested most days. Reading before bed helps me to sleep better, so I’ve been reading almost every night, which I love.
  6. I can still wear some of my non-maternity tops.
  7. I can still reach my feet!
  8. I can feel baby moving, but I’m not all black and blue yet from getting kicked like I was during my first pregnancy — thanks Joey. We had an ultrasound two weeks ago and the baby was looking great, with everything exactly as it should be, yay.
  9. I have a great excuse for going to bed early or needing an occasional nap!
  10. And the absolute #1 reason: I never, ever have to suck in!!

(Forgive the awkward selfie. I planned on doing a nice photo over the weekend and totally forgot, which is too bad because I was having a good hair weekend that should have been documented!)

So tell me, am I alone in this or do any of you other moms think 20 weeks is pretty great?

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