Clean and simple

Clean and simple

We have a lot of stuff in our house — furniture, knick knacks, odds and ends… just so. much. stuff. And sometimes I just want to clear it all out for a clean and simple design.

I am really inspired by this house featured on Young House Love last week. I love the clean lines of the furniture, the mix of light wood and white, and how uncluttered it all feels. It’s simple without being boring. It’s modern without being cold. There isn’t a ton of stuff around, but it still feels homey. All that natural light certainly doesn’t hurt either!

It’s kind of refreshing to see white kitchen appliances, right? I mean, I love stainless as much as the next guy, but somehow this looks so fresh.

One of my goals for this year, which I’ve talked about a few times, is to work on decluttering our house. We’re tackling the boxes in our attic every weekend, so we’re making progress there that I’m proud of. But when it comes to all the other stuff, like books and knick knacks, that we have in our living spaces, it’s so hard to decide where to draw the line between being homey and being sentimental. It’s important to have personal items around to make a space feel like your own, but it can easily go from well-styled to just messy. Letting go of things is definitely something I’m going to be working on in our house.

What do you think? Do you prefer to be surrounded by all of your favorite things or keep your spaces clean and simple?

{ See more photos from this charming house here. }
{ All photos by John and Sherry Petersik for Young House Love. }

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