Cabin Bedroom + Bathroom — Photo and Video Tour!

Cabin Bedroom + Bathroom — Photo and Video Tour!

Welcome back to PART TWO of our cabin tour! Hopefully you saw our kitchen and living room tour on Monday — did you? You did, right? Go look now if you haven’t, we’ll wait! …. Alright, now that you’ve seen part one, today we’re going to take a look at the downstairs bedroom and bathroom!

The Bay Shore Boathouse (yes, that’s what we’ve named our cabin) has two bedrooms* and one bathroom, which are both in the newer part of the house. It’s kinda like two different houses stuck together in a 1200-square-foot package — the original log cabin part where the living room and kitchen are, built in 1972 (if I remember right), and then a sort of sideways a-frame with the bedrooms and bathroom, built a couple of years later.

(*There’s also a loft bedroom in the original part of the house, which we plan to use eventually, but only once there are a lot more railings… and maybe some safer stairs!!)

Check out our video tour of the downstairs bedroom and bathroom!

And then here’s some photos…

This hallway leads from the mudroom/entryway past the stairs, the bathroom and into the downstairs bedroom. There are built-in shelves lining the entire length of the wall, all the way into the bedroom. The shelves are adjustable and they’re just so awesome.

The bedroom features a full wall of windows looking out at the lake and a door that leads out onto the deck. We’ve debated A LOT about how many and what size beds we want to do in here. It’s a small room so we pretty much only have the option of one king or two twins (or technically a queen, but what’s the point). For now we’ve decided to do two twins, which should just barely fit with enough room to walk around. Guests can always push them together to make one big king-sized bed if they’d like, but for families who visit, including ours, two twins may work better. What do you think?

I love all the different wood tones in here and throughout the house, from the floor to the ceiling to the trim. It makes decorating so much easier when you don’t have to worry about matching a specific wood color! And wow that ceiling is gorgeous.

I can’t wait to start decorating those shelves! What should we put in there? It’s clear that the larger opening that has a deeper shelf is for an old tube TV, which we happen to have in our basement along with a VCR (insert eye roll — Andy bought them at our neighbor’s garage sale a couple years ago “to play old video games,” which I don’t think he has ever done… haha, sorry to throw you under the bus, Andy). So he had an idea to fill all the shelves with old VHS tapes so guests can watch old movies, haha! I think it’s an awesome idea… but maybe not ALL the shelves.

Next up: the bathroom!

It’s right next door, and it’s a mix of original elements from the ’70s and newer updates. Once again I really like the wood ceiling and the original light fixture that you can see running along the ceiling, and one of the best parts is that door at the far end: it leads out to the deck where there’s an outdoor shower!

The shower (inside) is one of the original features. The little blue tiles are adorable, but it’s obviously quite a petite shower. One of the things we were concerned about when we first saw this house was that there isn’t a bathtub for our little kids, but then we discovered that this shower was designed with that in mind. It’s deep enough to bathe a child (or dog) and there’s even a faucet near the bottom like you’d have in a bathtub, so that’s a nice feature. (Until we renovate.)

Do you see the sneak peek of the wallpaper we chose for this room? Doing a bathroom remodel will probably be next year’s project while we focus this year on the kitchen and furnishing and painting and all the other basics. So this summer we plan on replacing the vanity and mirror and adding a cool wallpaper to tide us over until we make some bigger changes in the future.

Come back on Friday and see the final room tour, which is the room that made us want to buy the house!

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