Cabin Living Room Ideas

Cabin Living Room Ideas

Oh you guys, I had grand plans to show you the full design for the cabin living room LAST week, and I worked on it every single day thinking, “by tomorrow this will be ready to publish…” Well. A whole week went by with no blog post. See guys, this is real life and we are literally making decisions in real time, and sometimes we just don’t know what we want to do quite yet! So don’t consider this a complete plan for the living room, more like a collection of ideas… but we did buy one* very exciting thing last week!

So as a reminder, this is what the living room looks like now. (Except last weekend we finally got rid of all that plastic sheeting the previous owners left behind!)

There’s an 8-9-inch-high border of stone around the whole sunken living room, and the two sofas are “built in” to the stone (as far as we can tell they’re normal couches with the legs removed to allow them to sit on top of the stone). We don’t necessarily love the style of the sofas and reupholstering would cost as much as buying a new one, so we decided to replace them with something else.

However, we initially decided to put replacing the couch(es) pretty low on our list of priorities, since the ones we have are technically functional right now and there’s about a million other things we really need. Like beds. And a kitchen. And a roof. But I just couldn’t stop looking at new couches, just in case. Since they have to fit on the stone, though, we have very specific depth limits which added a whole other difficulty level to finding a suitable one. The larger one (pictured above closest to the kitchen) is 36 inches deep total.

But then. THEN. Aaahhhhahaaha. In case you weren’t sure, that’s the sound of angels singing when I spotted THE PERFECT COUCH at Crate and Barrel!!

This sleek wood beauty literally looks like it could have been custom made for our cabin. It’s the right size (34″ deep), and that wood frame… Hallelujah!

I showed it to Andy and he loved it just as much as me. And it was actually his idea to buy it! I mean, I wanted to buy it, but he is the one who said, let’s do it! Like not in a “fine, whatever you want, dear” kind of way (mostly because he knows I’d get up and walk out the door if he ever called me “dear,” gross) but in a “this couch is fricking amazing and we have to have it” kind of way. Like, he actually brought it up in conversation on his own and suggested that we buy it. So yeah, that’s a big deal.

Living room styling is still mostly up in the air, but the collage above gives you an idea of what we’re thinking, including that fun Farrah Fawcett poster that’s a big nod to the ’70s. We are all about mixing quirky and serious, vintage and new, splurges and cheap finds. The turquoise and blue pillow is a Pendleton one I picked up at Home Goods, the white round crochet pillow is from Target, and the blue shag rug (I mean, it has to be shag in our ’70s cabin, right?) is from RugsUSA (and I got it on sale for $77!).

For the opposite couch, the one next to the windows on the left if you’re looking towards the fireplace (pictured below), we think we might just get rid of it completely and fill that space with some throw pillows. It’s very narrow, just 26 inches deep, which isn’t big enough for a comfortable couch anyway. The one that’s there is pretty homemade looking.

We plan to paint the fireplace a dark navy blue, similar to the color of the kitchen cabinets (remember our post about kitchen design plans?) I initially wanted to paint it white — because I always want to paint everything white! — but then I decided a really deep navy would add more dimension and drama. And help to camouflage the TV that we’ll hang above the fireplace, as well. I’m not one for pretending there’s no TV because I love TV, but I also don’t necessarily want it to be the first thing you see when you walk in the house, especially when the lake is right outside those windows. And don’t worry. I’ll still get my white fix because the rest of the painted walls will be a nice, creamy white called Swiss Coffee from Valspar. We’re leaving the wood as is.

So that’s our mostly tentative (but the couch is ordered and nonrefundable so we’re living with it no matter what!) cabin living room. What do you think???

*The couch isn’t the only exciting thing we bought last week. We also ordered all the kitchen cabinets!! This is really happening!! Next big purchase: appliances. $$$

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