Cutest King Beds Under $1K (+ we need your help)

Cutest King Beds Under $1K (+ we need your help)

We have about a billion and a half decisions to make in our new cabin and one of them is beds. We technically have three bedrooms, but one of them is a small loft that currently isn’t very safe, so we’re going to just ignore it for now until we can address the railing and ladder situation in the future. So that leaves two bedrooms in the a-frame part of the house. We’ve been debating and debating and debating what combo of beds would work best, and until we can get up there and measure, we can’t be 100% sure what would even fit, which is also particularly frustrating.

Master bedroom (this photo is from the real estate listing so ignore the bed even though it is really cute.)

So while we (impatiently) wait, we at least know we’re doing at least one king bed, in the master bedroom upstairs, and I’ve been shopping around. Kings can be super pricey of course, especially when you want a cute one, but there are actually a ton of cute options under $1,000 if you dig around long enough. Not all of these will work in our cabin, but maybe one of you is also looking for a new king bed!

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Right now my favorite is probably one but there’s so many cute ones. What are your faves?

Second bedroom, and again ignore the beds in there

And while you’re here, help us out!! If YOU were staying at our cabin, what combination of beds would work best for YOU? We know for sure we’re doing a king in the master bedroom. So the question is what to do in the second bedroom. A second king? Two twins? Bunk beds like the previous owners had? Some other thing we haven’t thought of yet? For our family, a king plus two twins would be nice, but maybe you would most likely travel with friends/another couple… It would be SUPER helpful to know what would work best for you and whoever you would plan on visiting with! Vote below and also please leave a comment to tell us more!

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